Natasha Boghosian


Education & Credentials

University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA


University of California, Irvine; Irvine, CA


I will be committed to delivering the best dental care to you that I can. I will be there to explain the treatment, your choices, all risks, benefits, and alternatives. I want to earn your trust, respect, and confidence. My biggest strength is that I hold myself to the highest standard every minute of every day.


Dr. Boghosians favorite book is The Kite Runner. Her favorite movie is The English Patient. She enjoys watching her favorite TV show, La Femme Nikita (earlier version).


Dr. Boghosian has been practicing dentistry since 2002. In her spare time, she enjoys Muay Thai, Dancing, yoga, running, studying interior design, and traveling. She has traveled the world and visited places such as Europe (east & west), Thailand, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and South America (Peru & Bolivia). She has hiked the Inca Trail and was an amateur Muay Thai fighter for five years undefeated.